This exhibition inaugurates, through the creation of the eponymous work, the action of the association arterra, and allows to associate in the same place two different variants of a work of production of space with the notion of landscape.

Arc-en-cible is the evolutionary form of a preliminary work, Onde et cible (2008) produced and exhibited during the Horizon Art Nature event (horizons-sancy.com)

This work is the result of a personal investment by Laetitia carlotti artist and project leader for the association.

The displacement that is made allows a return to the sources on the accomplishment of the original idea of the work, prolongs the evolution, while checking the functionality and the viability of this form of art on the Corsican territory.

With this self-produced work, arterra nourished its thought on this field experience, in order to be able to better adjust his modalities of future interventions.

In particular it leads to thinking about the evolution of the work in relation to the cycle of seasons, as well as of the evolution of vegetation. It allows capturing the parameter of wild animal movement in this space, the influence of weather conditions on the work, and the issues of public access to the exhibition space and its sustainability.

In this case, the farmer and peasant Jean Pierre Susini is the one who holds the key of the fields.This exhibition was possible thanks to his benevolent welcome, as to the support of Mr. Catoni, owner of the Caribou Hotel, who made available the necessary accommodation conditions for this realization for several months.

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Laetitia Carlotti

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    12 January 2018