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This retrospective enables to catch the dynamic movement that makes us conceive that associative organization around art and landscape.

The arterra association was born from the meeting (in 2002) between Corsican plastic artist Laetitia Carlotti and Anne-Joëlle Cano, mediatory and cultural association manager. On her proposition, Laetitia Carlotti was entrusted with a whole artistic route at the gardens of the Jean Aicard museum in La Garde (Var) in 2005 on the occasion of the national event Rendez-vous aux jardins.

Next year, Laetitia Carlotti initiates the first edition of this Rendez-vous en Corse, at the Saleccia Parc that just opened its doors. She prolonged the experience the year after organizing the same event at the Centre INRA in San-Gugliano, Corsica. Meanwhile, she also voluntarily took care of the event at Sartene’s agricultural secondary school.

In 2008, Laetitia Carlotti was selected for the national contest Horizon Art Nature (Massif Central). Also, she participated in the event that gave her the perspective of artistic creations on a territory level, and the opportunity to create an upgradeable work for the centre CCAS of Porticcio. (Dear Fontaine)

In 2009 and 2010, Anne-Joëlle organized an action on two years at the Rendez-vous aux jardins that allowed the meeting between of 6 Corsicans plastic artists and 6 plastic artists from the mainland, exhibiting by turns in the Var and in Corsica.

This action is extended, supported and relayed by the Caribou (Haute-Corse) which makes some of the artists welcome to display in the setting of its festival: “Art Brut” at Cagnano.

Laetitia Carlotti is offered a residence at the Caribou and chose this district to create the installation art Rainbow-target, that was later inaugurated simultaneously at the creation of the association arterra in July 2012.

Thus, arterra establishes its method of action from the reflection and issues arised by the realization of this work.