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Created in 2012, the arterra association works on developing and spreading contemporary innovative artistic practices within Corsican landscapes.

arterra works in a significative way

In launching and supporting relevant artistic projects that present art as a dynamic space practice, arterra works in a significative way: this form of artistic expression concretely fits in the contexts (situations) and gathers different participants of the territory in a reciprocity of means.

The fruit of research, meetings and experience combining art, nature and society, the arterra association is addressed to a large audience through exhibitions, videos, movies, documentaries and publications.

These mediums allow the arrangement of teaching actions led toward educative structures with a view to raising awareness among heritage, environment and sustainable development.

arterra developed its actions from the personal work of Laetitia Carlotti, artist and project bearer for the association.

The aim is to initiate a movement and create a landmark that enables the gathering of potential partnerships around projects.

These co-operative experiences are put in perspective in the idea of concretely (concrescere) make grow together a form of complementary community allowing to think back the evolution of our landscapes.

Art is a free and open way toward a territory, its inhabitants and their customs, but also toward the audience from outside the island.

Through the dialog between the artwork and the place where it sets up, arts become a relational interface. It creates bounds and gives access to the places considering all the meanings of the word.

En tout être demeure un démiurge, potentiellement créateur (ou destructeur) de l’harmonie générale. On comprend dès lors qu’habiter le territoire est un art subtil, une religion au sens premier de ce qui relie, qui demande de donner du sens aux gestes les plus profanes. 

Michel ROUX, Inventer un nouvel Art d’habiter, l’Harmattan 2002.