Development and dissemination of innovative contemporary artistic practices

The association arterra created in 2012, works for the development and diffusion of contemporary artistic practices within Corsican landscapes by initiating and supporting the realization of relevant projects that engage art as a dynamic practice of space.

This out door form of artistic expression takes place significantly within the diversity of island landscapes, each work singularly responding to contexts and situations.

Result of research, meetings, shared experiences combining art, nature and society, the association arterra addresses to a wide public through its exhibitions, as well as diversifying the production of its objects of mediations (Photographs, videos, documentary films, publications …).

These supports make it possible to open the field of visibility and to supply pedagogical actions directed towards educational structures for the purpose of raising awareness of heritage,  environment and sustainable development.


Articles published in daily or weekly newspapers

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thematic editions & arterra’s exhibition catalogs

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association arterra

Siège social

Casa maio

20 250 Poggio di Venaco


Presidente,  Anne Joëlle Cano

tel: 06 23 19 42 49

Art Director, Laetitia Carlotti

tel: 06 08 71 08 25


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