At The Crossroads Labyrinth

This installation takes place in the outdoor spaces of the Museum of Corsica on the occasion of the exhibition island (s).

It refers to the question of landscapes as living cultural heritage. The artistic project At the Crossroads Labyrinth, whose title refers to the work of Cornelius Castoriadis, is conceived as a spatial experience. She composes with the different perspectives around and allows to appreciate the situation of the Museum in all directions and senses.

Visual artist and landscape worker Laetitia Carlotti, commissioned by the cultural association arterra, cultivates this space by creating a corn maze from a locally adapted variety of grains mixed with South American varieties that are reminiscent of the origin, geographical location of this cereal. For this occasion, squash and beans are invited to the table for their beneficial association, known as the three sisters.

The traced patterns result from the creation of a QR code generated virtually from the name of the association and that of the Museum of Corsica, modified according to the accidents of the ground to create this labyrinth. This process illustrates the contradictory realities of space development dynamics.

The work of art does not reside in a single object but is an approach that generates multiple achievements, ramifications of a mutual project. A video animation enriched over time retraces the chronological evolutions of the installation.

During the Heritage Days, the association welcomes schools and the public for entertainment. The corn is then harvested, processed into flour, popcorn and bread (made exclusively for the event by local organic artisans) tasted on site.


15 January 2018