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Anne de Giafferri

Anne de Giafferri produces films and sound creations. She is the author of a series on magico-religious and magico-therapeutic practices, Weeds, Bad dreams and Evil eyes (2011), a docu-fiction on King Theodore, Theodore IKing of the Corsicans ( 2013), a film about violence in Corsica, Story of an Ordinary Tragedy (2014) and a documentary on the children, The Rule of the I (2016). Currently, she is preparing a feature film about mental illness. Among sound documentaries, she recently directed, A family home (2008), La mia Itaca (2009), Babillage (2012), Mazzeru (2012), Dongon, under the mask no mystery I and II (2013 ), Stories … (2015), The size of a strawberry (2018). She was part of the electroacoustic orchestra L’OrMaDor, an experimental musical composition project created by La Muse en Circuit.


For the exhibition Genius Loci Anne de Giafferri collects sound data for interactive sound editing …



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