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Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca

Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca, is born in 1969.Young already, his interests guide him towards art. In the highschool, he creates a few fanzines. Second in line at the Art Deco Institution, he passes and obtains a video/cinema and animated film diploma and makes a couple of short movies. However, he decides with determination to only produce on paper. He creates the publishing house “À Hélice”, which then becomes “Éoliennes” (120 books published in 24 years). As a typographer, he invents new punctuation signs, a symbol for the euro currency and a letter specific to the Corsican language (seeable on the website.) As an artist, he travels through many different universes such as visual poetry, literature, graphism, painting and illustration. http://xddc.org/

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art as landscape experience

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