GENIUS LOCI exhibition (January-February 2015) responds to a double motivation: to think by the same movement the vocations of the natural space development and the men’s creative and artistic potentialities. By this time when it is more than ever necessary to reinvest the link that unites us to nature,  artistics approaches that transcend the useful,  art offer a new  way to engage relationship with our landscapes and nature.

GENIUS LOCI features works and research by artists, teachers and students from the University of Corsica and from Corte High School who practice art in a familiar territory. These works stemming from the experience of the Art and the Nature question the evolution of  the landscape, middle for creative exchanges between the real and the imagination. The artistic productions presented in this exhibition give rise to a diversity of languages  …

The idea is to give a way to the imaginary for  creating new realities to embody the topics of the En-Vie(desire for life) and the En-jeu (stake and playing)  that place the issue of relations from our societies to their living environments as landscapes.

Artistes :

Anne de Giafferri

Réalisatrice et chercheuse sonore

Mobiüs’s Band

Collectif évolutif

Oeuvres :

Last Kingdom – Ultimu Regnu

Jean Joseph Albertini

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