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Mobiüs’s Band

This variable-sized collective is based on a two-headed entity composed with Jean Froment & Lætitia Carlotti, respectively a photographer and film director and visual artist. From this collective identity they can associa with different partners to create protean collaborative and specific projects.

Möbius’s band gives shape to worlds where contradictions combine and opposites can join each other. The motive is obvious by adjusting itself with the sign of the infinite and combine work in common, sensitive approaches, and complementary know-how and welcoming of the unprevious.

“The idea is not really to make art but rather how we can make it together with associating practices of everyday life worker  (artisans, farmers or engineers …) through the production of artistics objects, As we consider the making as a concrete response questioning our ways of life in a relationship with landscape in its social and cultural dimensions. If our initial ideas are based on situations, it call in the realization of a shared experience with the other, whose contribution answer to the desire of alteration, while adding something more, getting better.”

Expositions :


art as landscape experience

Oeuvres :

Ride around square garden

Mobiüs's Band

At the crossroads Labyrinth

L.Carlotti+La bande à Mobiüs