Matches/I Fulminanti

Exposed since June, 2014 at the heart of Corsica on a Zone of Support to the Fire fighting (ZAL) the installation

I Fulminanti/Matches designed by Laetitia Carlotti is situated on the passage of the path Puddle with Puddle which resumes former plans of spaces cultivated near neighbouring villages of Corte: Poggio di Venaco, Casanova, Riventosa. Outside of traffic lanes road, she is visible since the secondary road 40.

The installation answers paradoxically for firewall while it stages 30 huge matches realized from local resources: wood, wool and earth. The mathematical report enters the usual size of matches (enlarged 1000 times) and that of the ZAL (100 m of wide) settles the game of scale and return the ZAL to the size of a path.


This motive implicitly makes a reference to the universe of the tale in particular that of The girl in the matches which rests(supports) the creation in a cultural substratum.

The installation is pretext with numerous festive or educational meetings(appointments). All the actions carried out around the work: its provision in the service of the education, leisure activities and tourism, allow to make sensitive so much in these artistic practices that in the evolution of the landscapes of Corsica.

Conceived(Designed) simultaneously to the project of installation, the movie Without fire nor flames/Senza focu no fiamme  realized by Jean Froment and Laetitia Carlotti, follows step by step the various phases of elaboration. This movie goes to meet the society of the people  and paints a portrait of a territory compound of landscapes and men of which writes the legend through times, enters(,)


15 January 2018